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I wanted to share some Bible studies that I have done, and will be doing, so I have put together a website, and here they are. I am constantly aware of modifications and improvements that I need to make, either for the simple reason that the Bible goes very deep and new things occur to me all the time, or for the even simpler reason that I have made a mistake. I have just revised the Olivet Discourse study, so I am always working on things. However, do not let this put you off, as I do believe that I impart a lot of very clear and instructive teaching on my site, (and if I do not then the fault is mine, as I am not explaining things that I understand very well clearly enough).

Please be aware also that the main menu buttons are not just placeholders, I use them for introductory comments.

I started the website for the sole reason of doing a commentary on Romans. However, I then found myself doing other studies so that a proper background picture was in place. I’ve never read a single commentary that gets remotely near to understanding Paul correctly, other than a few years ago when I chanced on a small blog in which a man was fulminating over the same things as I found vexatious in standard commentaries. Regarding the Book Of Daniel, it is another book that has been severely misunderstood. It is a coded book, so I cannot say it is in any way straightforward, but some of the contortions that the commentaries go through have to be read to be believed.

All of the Bible is interlocking; like the limbs of the human body itself, each book plays a part. In which case I would say that the Book Of Daniel is like the heart, and it really is the foundation stone for correctly understanding many things, as the prophetic pattern determined by God plays out through history.

I find the best way to understand the Bible and Prophecy is progressively, ‘line upon line and precept upon precept’. A lot of modern Churches, (and also students), jump into the Bible without a real understanding of the whole counsel of God. We can understand the Gospel message easily enough, but then as we explore further, we can easily come unstuck if we do not have a proper grounding in Biblical history (and actual history), and Biblical Law. I learned this lesson myself the hard way, and then understood from Dr Jones at God’s Kingdom Ministries that he had experienced a similar trajectory, where he too had needed to go backwards first in order to go forwards. A really thorough understanding of the Old Testament had allowed him to make much better sense of the New Testament.

Ny toerana dia bebe kokoa amin'ny fampianarana bebe kokoa, fa ny piandohana dia Daniela mpaminany, ary ny 70 herinandro faminaniana. I Daniel mihevitra ho toy ny fanalahidy lehibe ny Baiboly. Efa nanazava ny fomba miasa ny 70 herinandro, fa mbola aho mba hitady olona iray izay mahalala; dia amiko. Mieritreritra aho fa mila aho hanatsarana ny fianarana miaraka amin'ny fanazavana tsipiriany kokoa, ary feno famelabelarana tamin'ny voalohany 7 boky Daniela.

Once Daniel has been decoded properly, then you then have unlocked the main gate, and you can progress to a proper understanding of The Temple Prophecy and Revelation, amongst other things.

To study the Bible, I use the NRSV, NIV and the KJV or NKJV. I am a bit of a magpie. (The NRSV is a mixed bag – at times exemplary, at times a bit frustrating; others recommend the NIV). I make extensive use of the online tools available these days, which have transformed the landscape. Strong’s Hebrew & Greek Lexicon is an absolute necessity, (Blue Letter Bible), and by delving into the original Greek and Hebrew, even without having studied the languages, one is able to cross reference usages and gain a much better understanding of meaning. You can also source a Septuagint version of the Old Testament in Greek, for greater precision.

Although the studies are labelled in different sections, I would advise starting in “Complex Issues” with Daniel’s 70 Weeks, and then after that reading the Temple Prophecy. All of the eschatological confusion that is rife these days, with all the different camps – Futurists, Preterists, Partial Preterists, Amilleniallists, Premilleniallists – comes down to errant understandings of Daniel, which then lead to confusion over the Temple Prophecy, and from there on it can get overwhelming. Unless you have the correct foundation and superstructure, your whole building will be terribly wonky. Until recently I was totally disinterested in these designations, but more recently I have worked out how eschatology carves up. The standard for eschatology is Historicism, and I would certainly put myself in this camp. More recently Futurism and Amillenarianism, (aka Preterism), have become popular, particularly Futurism, (which tries to detach Daniel’s 70th week and place it into the future), although both are blind alleys, created apparently by a Jesuit priest to deflect attention away from the Catholic Church in prophecy.

Aiza Averiko mpanoratra hafa, izany tsy midika aho voatery nanaiky ny fomba fijeriny. Matetika ny olona dia manome loharano mahasoa izay afaka pelatànana amin'ny.

Araka ny hitanareo, ny fianarana rehetra dia Misy video toy ny PDF, ny kisary mena kely amin'ny ambony havanana. Nanao izany aho satria mora kokoa ny fitaovana ao amin'ny navigateur (na PDF mpijery) hitako noho ny olon-tsotra lahatsoratra tranonkala. Tamin'ny zava-nitranga inoana fa ny fianarako ny hevitrao tsara dia tena te-pirinty azy ireny, dia aza misalasala. No itokiako dia mitana ny zavatra amin'ny hivadika. Ny hany fampitandremana aho dia hanome dia mba manova ny fandinihana amin'ny manaraka teboka. Dia mazava ho azy aho Ho faly ny hahazo tsikera.

Rehefa miverina Jesosy dia afaka na oviana na oviana isika dia tokony ho vonona amin'ny fotoana rehetra. Na inona na inona daty omeko, dia tsy maintsy manao ny fikarohana sy ny fandraisana ho mpikambana. Ny zavatra rehetra dia manoratra sitrapon'ny Mazava ho azy fa ho fahazavan-tsaina, ary ny zavatra rehetra ilaina nilanja sy hitsapana ny tenanao manohitra ny Tenin'Andriamanitra.

Comments avy ny ankehitriny, ka amin'izao fotoana izao dia aza misalasala mampiasa ny fifandraisana endrika raha manana fanontaniana.

A final word. My experience of dealing with other Christians on forums and through direct communication has been pretty bad. I learned quite a bit from a certain teacher, but when I started to point out his serious errors, he was not interested. I’ve spoken with many people also on forums, and my overwhelming observation is that most people want to learn things for themselves, which is correct, but generally they seem quite inoculated against actually learning from other people. I am not really interested in talking to academics, so what you end up with here is open source commentary. I don’t charge anything, and I am not writing for prestige. We live actually at the end of the age, so it is probably about time that the Church understood a lot of matters correctly.