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At present this is a one person operation. So if you would like to contribute or get involved, feel free to get in touch. If you would like to publish a blog post, or series of blog posts, have a study to contribute, feel you could edit, have some design skills, site management skills, ability to manage a forum, get in touch – via the contact form in the sidebar menu. I have no specific plans for the site, other than to periodically publish some studies.

I am reasonably happy with the design – but far from overjoyed. I am in the middle ground of not being a bog standard blog, and not really needing a fancy bells and whistles site, just a bit of CSS to and design nous to make the site a bit less cumbersome.

I studied the Bible extensively several years ago, purely out of personal spiritual interest, but found myself going round in circles. So I stopped, and concentrated on other things in life. I am sure there have been many good teachers and exponents of the Word in past centuries, but I would be lying if I said I thought they were in great abundance on the worldwide web; there is some very good stuff, but a cohesive undogmatic proper understanding of the Word? I don’t see many. There are however some great resources at our fingertips these days, and I am hugely indebted to them. Their work is beyond compare. I have provided links. Recently I have had some personal revelations, which have lead me to make some breakthroughs in my understanding of the Word. God has really had to use the rod to get me to write this. I am by nature a perfectionist, though I doubt it shows, and I am trying not to publish anything unless I feel really satisfied that it meets the standard of right understanding and provability. I am probably by nature studious, but my natural inclinations are also to enjoying life, when my health permits.