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I wanted to share some Bible studies that I have done, and will be doing, so I have put together a website, and here they are.

To study the Bible, I use the NRSV, with the KJV and NKJV in the background, and Strong’s Hebrew & Greek Lexicon close by. (The NRSV is a mixed bag – at times exemplary, at times a bit frustrating; those in the know recommend the NIV).

Although the studies are labelled in different sections, I would advise starting in “Complex Issues” with Daniel’s 70 Weeks, and then after that reading the Olivet Prophecy.

Most of the eschatological confusion that is rife these days, with all the different camps, Futurists, Preterists, Partial Preterists, Amilleniallists, Premilleniallists – most of whose doctrines I am honestly clueless about – comes down to errant understandings of Daniel, which then lead to confusion over the Olivet Prophecy, and from there on it can get overwhelming. Unless you have the correct foundation and superstructure, your whole building will be terribly wonky.

Where I quote other authors, this does not mean I am necessarily agreeing with their views. Quite often somebody provides a useful resource which I can capitalize on.

As you can see, every study is downloadable as a PDF, the little red icon at the top right. I’ve done this because they are much easier to manipulate in the browser (or a PDF viewer) I find than ordinary website text. In the unlikely event that you think my studies are so good you want to print them off, feel free. I trust you will handle the material with integrity. The only caveat I would give is that I may modify a study at a later point. I would of course be pleased to get feedback.  

As Jesus can return at any time, we are to be ready at all times. Whatever dates I give, you must do your own research and confirmation. Everything I write will of course be my understanding, and all things need to be weighed and tested by yourself against God’s Word.

Comments are coming presently, so for now feel free to use the contact form if you have questions. One thing I would request is that the reader cuts me a bit of slack; I suffer from poor health, and am prone to the odd error, especially when I am having a bout.